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Aloha ladies!
Rightly quoted ‘beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’. This saying got a bit old isn’t it? Beauty lies within you and how you see yourself.

Still wondering if you can get a facial glow and luminance on your face without having a dent in your wallet? The rates of the salons are increasing like global warming and worst sufferers have been our beautiful faces. Apart from a trusted success mantra of water therapy for a glowing face, Adaa beauty gives you a dazzling chance to register for Adaa subscriptions and save almost 80% cost on your parlour visits.

Ladies, our skin needs to be taken care on a regular basis as dust, pollution leaves the skin pale and dry. Following a high maintenance regime of a clean up at home can be difficult to stick with. Adaa subscriptions ensures to keep you look glowing and nourished with its innovative beauty subscription model at all amazing salons at a very good price. You get to choose from a wide range of amazing parlour packages at a price that makes it worth a deal!
We have an exclusive relationship with these parlours Studio 83, Kainchi, hair villa. Don’t miss out on the amazing benefits of Adaa beauty. We help to keep all the worries at bay by providing excellent services without squandering your money.

So, ladies pamper yourself because you deserve the best in life, take that appointment at your favourite salon which you have been delaying for other reasons, relax for a while and lighten up your mood.
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“ Lipstick speaks louder than words ”

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