1Can i cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the subscription,but you will still have access to the plan untill end of the current plan period. We do not process any refunds or pro-rated payments

2Can i pick a salon?

Absolutely, You will always have the option to pick a salon from the list of our partnered Salons.

3Can i switch salons within a month?

No, you cannot change your Salon within the month. You can always make a change at the start of the following month.

4Can i walk-in to my salon?

All our salons are high end and are appointment based. We always encourage our members to book an appointment to avoid wait times and delays.

5What do i get as a part of my subscription?

You can get 10 free services from the salon you are assigned to. You will also get 25% off from that salon on any other service that you get.

6What plans do you have?

We have 3 packages to choose from Rs.599 (CHIC Package), Rs.799 and Rs 999 (DIVA Package). You get the same set of 10 services and discounts in all the packages. The only difference is the Salon you choose.